Right from Stanford: Adference co-founder holds Google workshop via live stream

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One of the minds behind Adference, Leuphana professor Burkhardt Funk, is a visiting scholar at Stanford University at the moment, but missing the opportunity to speak at Google’s “Digital-Workshop on Campus” at Leuphana this week was not an option for the university’s e-commerce specialist. The Adference co-founder will contribute his expertise via live stream from Silicon Valley – after all, it’s the place where the biggest buzz around search engine advertising is going on.

The workshop’s agenda includes the question what kinds of decisions search engine advertisers have to make, and how science could support them in the decision making process.

This topic unites a work group around Burkhardt Funk that investigates statistical methods for improving ad campaigns in Google AdWords. Adference technology was developed on the basis of their research findings. Co-founder Tobias Blask will join the workshop to introduce the system for calculating bids in Google AdWords using statistical decision models. It allows online marketers to manage campaigns in Google AdWords and Google Shopping automatically.

Beginners and experts are welcome! Register now to join the workshop.

Session: SEA Campaign Management – Science put into practice

Adference GmbH with Prof. Dr. Funk and Tobias Blask
December 16, 4:30 - 6 pm
Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Lecture hall 4

Google organized the “Digital Workshop on Campus” at Leuphana University for students, alumni and local businesses interested in improving their skills in social media, mobile marketing and search engine advertising. Google experts will lead all introductions to SEO and SEA. Experienced advertisers from Lüneburg will share some insights into using multiple media channels in digital marketing.

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